Full Moon Sound Bath





In astrology, full moons are all about endings. They shine their light on the past month, so you can take stock, spot problems, and tie up any loose ends. Join Pachamama’s Full Moon Sound Bath, brought to you by The Sound Shift to bathe in the resonances of a variety of ancient and modern sound instruments, virtually.

The benefits of sound therapy:

  • Accessing stillness and deep relaxation
  • Stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal
  • Engaging the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Producing a sense of ease and wellbeing
  • Improving sleep (increase melatonin)
  • Regulating breathing and heart rate
  • Balancing brainwave patterns
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Releasing muscle tension
  • Reducing stress (lowering cortisol)
  • Helping alleviate depression and anxiety
  • Accessing meditative states
  • Mental clarity
  • Promoting interconnectedness
  • Connecting to higher self
  • Releasing natural mood boosting hormones (serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin)


WHEN: Sunday 28th March at 8pm (GMT)

WHERE: The session will be hosted on Zoom (the details will be shared before)


BEST FOR: Everyone

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About The Sound Shift:
George and Almira are passionate about the amazing impact Sound has made on their lives. They believe it is a powerful tool to help shift energy and raise our vibration. It can help us relax mind and body, reduce stress, balance hormones, engage the body’s natural ability to heal, regulate physical functions and sleep, improve intuition and much more. The Sound Shift offers 1:1 Sound Therapy Sessions in London (at home or at Breeze Yoga Beckenham), Live Soundbaths, Online Sound Meditations and are available for Private/Corporate Hires.