Baby Massage Course


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Baby massage has a number of benefits. Not only is it a lovely way to spend time with your baby and bond with them, it allows you to become more confident in handling your little one and better at recognising their needs. It’s a fun and easy way to support your baby’s physical development, strength and stamina, as well as help improve baby’s sleep. And we’ve partnered with Mummy Care. to bring you another three-week virtual Baby Massage Course.

You’ll learn a developmental routine as well as specific strokes and techniques to help with congestion, colic, wind and constipation. The course is completely baby-led, so if your little one isn’t in the mood to join in, you can still watch and learn and implement the routine in your own time.

Classes are suitable for babies once they have had their six week check up to pre-crawling.

“It’s so nice to spend time with your baby doing something both of you love doing, and that you know is beneficial to them”

“The sessions are quickly becoming¬†the highlight of our week!”

“I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to other mothers”


WHEN: The course is made up of three one-hour weekly sessions every Tuesday at 11:30am (GMT), starting on Tuesday 16 March for three consecutive weeks (last session on 30 March). If you are unable to make it to one of the sessions, we can organise a session for you to catch up.

WHERE: Over Zoom (the details will be shared each morning of the course)

PRICE: £50 per person (and we limit it to maximum 8 in the group so you can deepen your knowledge by asking questions directly to Martina and meet other Mamas)


  • A mat or large towel for your little one to lie on (on the floor is preferable, but whatever makes you and baby most comfortable)
  • Baby oil or balm that you’re already using on them. You could also bring organic vegetable oil. If you don’t have anything, don’t worry at all, you can still learn the strokes