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We’ve got a packed scheduled of online meet ups, closed discussion groups and live Instagram Q&As with women’s health practitioners, pre and postnatal fitness and yoga instructors, as well as baby and toddler experts to help keep you informed, inspired and connected.

Check out our events line-up below. And if you think we’re missing something or you’d like us to cover a specific topic, you can submit your suggestion here anonymously. We know your time is precious Mama, so we want to make sure they’re worth logging on for!

Every Wednesday

Join us every Wednesday at 10:15 for a live 30-minute slow flow postnatal yoga session with our resident yogi, Golnaz Maleki


Every Thursday

Join us every Thursday at 10:30am in a different park across central London for a social yet socially-distanced walkabout. Park announced every Monday morning on Instagram. Limited to 6 people per walk. Sign up done on a first come first serve basis.

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Friday 18 September

Our live this week speaks to nutritionist Tasha D’Cruz, who specialises in maternal health. We’ll be talking about the often ignored but massive part of the motherhood story – eating for and during labour. Join our Q&A to learn the dos and don’t in order to stay healthy, strong and hydrated for one of the most significant moments if your life.


Monday 21 September

It’s really common to hold off announcing to the world that your pregnant until after the first 12 weeks. But the lack of discussion means there’s an absence of information, particularly for first-time parents. We speak to our fav NHS midwife to get the low down on exactly what you can expect and what you need to do once you see that stick turn blue. We’ll cover appointments with your GP, birth choices, hospital location allowances, as well as the pros and cons about NHS vs private care.


Friday 25 September

Ever heard of positive discipline? Wana know what it is? Us too! Join our live Q&A with positive discipline parent educator and coach Laura Atak, who’ll explain exactly what it is and why it’s beneficial. We’ll go deep on some of the tools you can use for little ones under 2 and get tips if you want to start this type of positive disciplining at home.


Wednesday 30 September

The list of general food & drink dos and don’t’s during your pregnancy is commonly shared and spoken about. But what happens to those guidelines once you’ve given birth? Can you up your caffeine intake now? Is a glass of wine at dinner ok if you’ve chosen to breastfeed? We’re hosting another free Zoom talk with Federica Amati, a public health research postgrad who specialises in maternal and child nutrition, to find out exactly the best ways in which you can start to re-introduce anything you may have limited or cut out over nine months, as well as provide an overview of dietary considerations and tips to help you achieve or maintain a healthy diet to help support your recovery, immune system and overall mood and wellbeing when time is often not on your side.


Friday 2 October

Wana talk about sex, Mama? We’re speaking to psychosexual psychotherapist, The Sex Talking Mama, who specialists in sexual health and relationship therapy to help bust myths and offer support to you on your sexual health journey. Whether your trying to conceive, pregnant, a new mum, suffered a traumatic birth, all or none of the above, your sexual health shouldn’t have to suffer. Join our Q&A to have your questions and concerned answered.


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