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All our talks and workshops are created with you in mind, Mama, to give you the knowledge and confidence you need from leading experts, so you can be the best Mama you can be. We also run events that create space that’s just for you – something that we know can be pretty hard to do! – so you can connect to yourself, give yourself time to breathe and regain some of that inner strength.

Check out what we’ve got coming up below. And if you think we’re missing something or you’d like us to cover a specific topic, you can submit your suggestion here anonymously. We know your time is precious Mama, so we want to make sure they’re worth logging on for!

Tuesday 11 May

Breathwork can be an incredibly powerful tool. Harnessed correctly, it can facilitate proper immune function and enhance connection, creativity, joy, intuition, or reduce depression and anxiety. Join our chat with Charlie Moult, founder of Source Breathwork for an introduction to what it is as well as how we can do it!


Tuesday 18 May

Want to understand what exactly sleep hygiene is and how it can benefit the whole fam? Join our live Q&A with Olivia from The Dream House who’ll share her top tips and answer any questions you have on sleep.


Tuesday 25 May

The fourth trimester is not without its challenges. Not only are you getting to know this new life you’ve brought into the world, but the physical, emotional and hormonal changes that come with it, are similar to the transition one experiences through adolescence. The difference? Everyone understands that adolescence is an awkward phase. In this live I chat with live coach and Mama, Hannah Buchan about how we as women can best prepare and navigate this shift and support anyone we know going through it.


Tuesday 1 June

Ashley Artusa-Barrel, Founder of My Son’s Planet and Co-Founder of Cloth Club Weybridge , will share her top tips to get you started with cloth nappies, demonstrate how to use them and answer any questions you might have.


Tuesday 8 June

Tonight’s live Q&A is with the brilliant Nicola Wilson, founder of Birth Story on preparing for siblings. Nicola will share some simple and effective ideas to prepare yourself and your firstborn for the arrival of baby number two, including balancing your time, finding a new routine and coping with Mama guilt, as well as be on hand to answer any questions you might have if you’re expecting or thinking about your second child.l


Wednesday 9 June

Our brilliant 2-hour virtual first aid session that will teach you everything you need to know to feel confident and calm should you ever need to perform life-saving interventions 

7pm on Zoom – From £17 BOOK NOW

Tuesday 15 June

We’re back with another open Q&A with our friend and fav NHS midwife Emily Pullan to answer any questions you might have about pregnancy, childbirth, pre and postnatal fitness and more! No question is too ridiculous or embarrassing! Trust us, she’s heard it ALL before!


Nothing taking your fancy? Submit your suggestion for a topic you’d like us to tackle! Honestly, no subject is too taboo or embarrassing.

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