Meet the Founder

Who are you?
Hey, I’m Arianna Radji Lee. I’m Pachamama’s Mama. I freelance as a corporate event consultant and I used to be an instructor at London’s spin studio, PSYCLE, so knowledge, health and a sense of community are all things that I very much present in my every day and are incredibly important to me.
What is Pachamama?
Pachamama is destination to help inform, inspire and connect new and expecting parents. I wanted to create a space for women to connect, meet, grow and support one another along their journey through motherhood.

What does that support look like?

At the moment, we’re running online events and courses for new and expecting parents. We have a range of workshops and workouts for both pre and postnatal women, as well as activities for little ones to keep them occupied, stimulated and learning during the pandemic.
Ultimately though, we’re working on opening a physical space that women can come to with their friends or on their own to meet like-minded women, have a coffee, attend a talk, get a treatment or workout, all the while knowing that their child is being well looked after in the same space. 
Full disclosure – I’m not a mother yet – but I’ve spent a lot of time talking to mothers and mothers-to-be and listening to what they want, and I’ve noticed that the current systems in place aren’t catering for their needs. What I’ve also come to understand is that whilst motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding experience, it can also be exhausting, overwhelming and lonely at times.
So that’s why I’ve created Pachamama, to offer a safe space with community at its heart, to meet the needs of modern motherhood.
Why is creating something like Pachamama so important to you?
It’s important because now, more than ever, people are understanding the value of self-care. Unfortunately though, the current systems that are in place – in the UK at least – don’t, or aren’t able to support that care when it comes to new parents, particularly mothers, and that needs to change. I think that’s why, maybe selfishly, I’ve been hesitant about starting my own family.
From the many women I’ve spoken to, I’ve come to understand that as a parent, particularly with a newborn, finding time for yourself becomes incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t have support at home or family close by.
My hope with Pachamama is that it gives women the necessary support they need all under one roof, which makes carving out time for themselves that little bit easier.
What’s the meaning behind the name?
I read once that Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes who is known as the Earth Mother. In other beliefs she is the goddess of grounding and fertility. She’s an ever-present and independent deity who has her own self-sufficient and creative power to sustain life on Earth. Given how strong mothers are, I like to believe that they embody her spirit. Basically, I think all mothers are goddesses!
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This post was updated on October 27, 2020.