BAME Breastfeeding Peer Supporter Training

This post is contributed and written by NWL Breastfeeding Support for All Minority Communities

The founders of NWL Breastfeeding Support for All Minority
Communities (BSAMC) – (formerly known as NWL BAME) – are very
excited to announce that, thanks to the many generous donations we’ve
received, we now have funds available to pay for 20 mothers to train to
be breastfeeding peer supporters! 

We have put together an application form (link below) and invite anyone
who is interested to apply for a funded place on the Association of
Breastfeeding Mothers’ “Mother Supporter” online training course. You
can find out more about the course here:

As part of the funding, we will also pay the cost of one year’s
membership of the ABM – required in order to do the course – a total
amount of £45.

If you receive funding, we will ask for a commitment from you to
complete the training, which requires a minimum of 3 hours work a
week, for 12 weeks. The work can be done on a smartphone, as well as
on a laptop or computer. Please reflect carefully on whether you will be
able to complete the training within the specified time, as we would really
like the opportunity to go to someone who is able to take full advantage
of it. 

We welcome applications from women who are London-based and have
breastfed their baby for a minimum of six months – exclusive
breastfeeding, pumping or combination feeding all count. We are
encouraging applications from women who are Black or Asian, or from
another ethnic minority community. We are very keen to promote
diversity in breastfeeding support.

In the application form we will ask for your post code, for more
information about why you would like to train, and also about what you
would do with the training once you have it – whether that is supporting
online, helping at a local group, or something else. It’s crucial that these
questions are answered in detail. 

If you’d like to apply, then please click here:

If you have any questions about the application process, please email:

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